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HL Company Held the 2023 Enterprise New Apprentice Opening Ceremony

  The opening ceremony of the "New Apprenticeship System for Enterprises" training class was successfully held on Dec 1st. An Junwang, Director of the Employment Center of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, chief of training section Zhang Qingwei, HL general manager assistant Liu Xingmin etc., and all trainees attended the ceremony.

  Zhang Bin, director of HR department presided over the class opening ceremony and made an explaination on the implementation plan for the new training; The project leader of the school introduced the training content and course arrangement.
  This new apprenticeship training adopts the training mode of "enterprise-school dual system integration of work and learning", combining "mentoring" and professional teaching to jointly cultivate medium and senior technical talents that meet the job requirements of the enterprise. 
  Liu Xingmin emphasized the importance of training and stated that since entering the park, each production line has transformed from a single person-single machine operation to a lean production model with multiple machine connections. In order to further enhance the professional skills needs of employees, the company's human resources department has organically combined internal training with project-based training, effectively promoting the construction of the enterprise's talent cultivation, employment, and retention team. He hopes that the trainees can strictly follow the requirements of the mentor, improve the ideological awareness, and contribute their own strength to the development of the enterprise.
  An Junwang proposed that the enterprise and the training school should attach great importance to this training, arrange courses reasonably, adopt flexible teaching methods, enable trainees to master new knowledge, improve new skills, and achieve the training effect and purpose.

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