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Gansu Provincial Equipment Manufacturing Regional Science and Technology Service Team visited HL Company for Investigation and Research

  On the morning of November 6th, Gansu provincial equipment manufacturing regional science and technology service team visited HL for investigation and research. Deputy general manager Shi Yi, Wang Jingjun accompanied the inspection.

  During the inspection, the service team gained a detailed understanding of HL's recent research activities and achievements. HL, as a high-tech enterprise, continuously promotes research and development, results transformation, and realizes and constructs core independent intellectual property rights. Since entering the industrial park, HL has further strengthened internal management, improved system construction, increased research and development investment, and promoted industrial upgrading through means such as three modernizations and lean management. It has successively won honors such as "National Manufacturing Single Champion", "National Professional, Refined, Unique and Innovative Little-Giant Enterprise", and "Digital Workshop".
  The service team had in-depth discussions with company leaders on the implementation of production and operation, product processing, energy conservation and consumption reduction, as well as the establishment of MES, ERP, PLM and other systems. They inquired about the needs of the enterprise and hoped to provide some practical solutions and execution opinions for the development of the enterprise in the future.

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