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HL Company Held 2023 Publicity Work Conference

  In order to strengthen the publicity work system, effectively implement the responsibility of publicity work, deeply integrate publicity into production and operation, lead the direction, unite people and muster up enthusiasm to ensure the completion of various goals, HL held a 2023 publicity work conference on the morning of November 3rd. General manager Yang Liping, presided over the meeting, and the heads of publicity work from various departments attended the meeting.

  The meeting first reviewed and summarized the company's publicity work from 2022 to 2023, affirming the progress made, and also pointing out the work shortcomings.
  Yang Liping emphasized that all departments should strengthen the publicity work and truly use it to promote the development of various work, change the ideological concepts of employees, and lay a solid ideological foundation for management improvement and enterprise transformation and development.
  Subsequently, "Notice on Strengthening the Publicity Work System" was read out, and meeting attendees reviewed the 8 requirements proposed by the 2022 Publicity Special Work Conference. Finally, communication and exchange were conducted on how to further strengthen the company's publicity work.

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