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New Year,New Journey --HL Company Leadership Welcomed the Staff Back to Work after the Holiday

  February 17th, it is the eighth day of the lunar calendar, meaning the good luck in opening and wealth from all directions. Early in the morning, president He Kehong together with the leadership team welcomed the staff back to work after New Year holiday. With the festive music broadcasting, splendid fireworks and firecrackers were lighted, the happy atmosphere covered the whole factory.

  President He went to the production site to visit the workers on front lines. At the morning meeting, he thanked everyone for their hard work over the past year and expressed the wishes for new year. Taking the company's annual work arrangement and the implementation of the "Comprehensive Improvement of Work Efficiency Governance Year" activity as an opportunity, he hoped that everyone can gain more benefits in their work and the company can achieve greater development in 2024.

  When visited to the distribution center, Mr. He shook hands with the drivers, and sent holiday red envelopes and good wishes to them.

  He reminded the quality management team to ensure quality in the new year and become good "gatekeepers" to do the better quality service.

  On the office building, he extended New Year greetings to everyone.

  Technology is the driving force for enterprise development. Mr. He encouraged young technical personnel to dare to innovate and try, keep learning to make contribution to the company's development.
  In 2024, wish HL company getting unstoppable progresses and shinning achievements! 

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