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Greetings for 2024 Chinese New Year

  Farewell to the abundant Rabbit year, and wish a prosperous new journey on the coming Dragon year.
  At this beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new year, HL Company expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all our long-term partners and friends from all walks of life who have supported the development of the enterprise, and sends the most sincere greetings to the workers and families who are fighting on the front line. We extend the best wishes for the New Year!
  One year’s hard working and one day’s harvest. Looking back at 2023, the external environment is complex and ever-changing, under the circumstances of increased risks and  challenges, all HL people are more closely united, fearless of wind and waves, bravely standing at the forefront, and forging ahead with an indomitable spirit.
  This year, we raised our flag high and polished a new background for the high-quality development of HL. We plan ahead and proactively respond, with the requirements of "early" and "fast" in all work, and the goal of "breakthrough" and "increment", not only have we achieved steady progress in various undertakings of HL, but also have demonstrated HL's extraordinary strength in fierce market competition; This year, we have planned and laid out a new atmosphere of empowering and gathering energy. We have conducted in-depth analysis of market trends, accurately grasped the development trajectory of the industry, and scientifically formulated forward-looking development strategies. A series of high-end products such as HL’s wheel hub units have successively matched well-known domestic and foreign customers, and have emerged in emerging fields such as new energy and wind power, leaving a solid footprint. In the international market, we have steadily advanced and won a good reputation. In the domestic market, we have achieved remarkable growth with excellent products and services; This year, we have striven to work hard and demonstrated a new achievement of HL's practical and entrepreneurial development. By comprehensively strengthening internal management, remarkable results have been achieved in cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and the goal of Lean Management 2.0 has been successfully achieved. The acceleration of information technology construction has given HL digital wings. The talent pool is growing day by day, and many young talents have joined HL, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise. HL is full of vitality, marching towards a more brilliant future with a new attitude.
  Looking back on the past, the achievements are inspiring; Looking ahead, the blueprint inspires people to move forward. The year 2024 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and it is a crucial year for the continuation of the 14th Five Year Plan. For HL, it is an important period to comprehensively improve labor efficiency management.We will always adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, focus on the development goals, set the development direction, with the courage to seek new ways and take responsibilities to unite  the strength of all staff to open up a new world of HL!
  Wish the great motherland prosperity and peace! 
  Wish HL Company flourishing development! 
  Wish our partners all the best! 
  Wish all employees a happy and healthy New Year!

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