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HL Company Holds a Grand Work Summary and Employee Representative Conference for 2023

  New Year comes bringing  the best  wishes for a glorious and bright future. On January 26, 2024, HL company held the 2023 work summary and employee representative conference. Company executives, all middle-level managers etc., attended the meeting. General manager of HL company Yang Liping presided over the meeting.
  General Manager Bao Guangli delivered an annual work report , which comprehensively summarized the company's various work in 2023 and made arrangements and deployments for the work in 2024.
  Deputy general manager Zheng Wenkui read out the decision to commend outstanding employees, managers, and teams (departments) for the year 2023.
  The company leaders gave full affirmation to the outstanding deeds of the commended team and individuals. In the past year, they have worked hard and achieved outstanding results, showcasing their image as pioneers and models. With the power of role models, they have inspired all HL people to continue to strive in the new year.

  The leaders presented awards to 10 outstanding employees, 10 outstanding teams (departments), and 6 outstanding managers. Excellent employee representative made  the speeches successively.
  Feng Jun provided an explanation on the proposal content and grouping situation of the fourth session of the fifth employee representative conference of HL Company.
  At the afternoon employee representative conference, the meeting reported on the group discussion of proposals and unanimously passed two proposals.

  President He Kehong has put forward requirements on how to effectively combine the annual work arrangement with the comprehensive improvement of labor efficiency to promote the high-quality development of HL in the new year. He hopes that all departments can clarify their thinking, boost confidence, accurately grasp the chance taking proactive actions and striving to achieve steady development of various undertakings.

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